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Children of the Galaxy is new 4X scifi turn-based strategy with focus on tactical combat. It's now available on Steam Greenlight.

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You can vote for our game on Steam.

Children of the Galaxy is a turn-based 4X scifi strategy game. You can explore galaxy, colonize planets, build huge armies of space ships to fight in epic battles. Game is traditional hexagon 4X strategy inspired by games like Civilization, Endless Space, Master of Orion and many others. The main focus is turn-based tactical combat.

Earth Union fleet

Features (currently in game)

  • 4 Unique Races - 11 spaceships per race, race traits and different AI
  • Tactical Combat - 7 unique combat classes
  • Generated Galaxy - every game is different in terms of number of planets and quantity of resources
  • Planet Colonization and Customization - there are 7 types to colonize and 18 planet constructions
  • Research Technology Tree - 100 technologies
  • 3 possible game victories - expansion, domination and research
  • Hotseat Multiplayer - up to 8 players playing on one computer
  • Support for modding - you can change galaxy configuration, AI, races, missions, ships and planet constructions
  • Basic Diplomacy - only border control, war and peace declaration is in



Game will be available on Steam Early Access so the players can give me feedback and priorities. There is public backlog on Trello.

Planned Features (no specific order)

  • Complex Diplomacy and Espionage
  • In Game Race Designer
  • 4 more Unique Races with 3D graphic
  • Procedural Generated Planets
  • Planetary Governors
  • Ship Captains
  • Pirates
  • AI Editor
  • Multiplayer over net

Help us get on Steam and vote here!

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