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April 13, 2020 Studio Mononoke takes some risk and makes some big changes

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Studio Mononoke had a rather rough week with last week’s feedback and problem builds. We were really deep into this development, so there was a long discussion about what we needed to do. There was definitely some difficulty coming to a consensus but in the end we decided we needed to pivot. The biggest change in this build is we now have a puzzle game with many levels. This decision was made because we believed it’d be an effective way to have players fully explore the mechanic. The levels become more difficult as you play through and allow players to learn more about the game as one progresses. Additionally we already had many ideas about how to polish our game.

This included…

  • More cohesive art style
  • Improved start/end/game over screens
  • Level transitions
  • Sounds that correspond to the day/night cycles

Most of our time this week was spent on the pivot, but really hope that this coming week we can really make our game as interesting as it can be. This could include improved level design, what the chicken can do besides rotate pipes, and continuing to increase the polish of our game. This will be a critical playtesting session, because it will determine exactly what we will need to focus on this week.

Until next time,

Studio Mononoke

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