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A bright day for Oneshark - because after just 15 days, Chicken Assassin is greenlit for Steam Release!

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Oneshark is about to release an epic Action RPG on Steam!!! Because after just a few weeks (most of which spent in the top 20 out of 2000 games) we are greenlit!

In the two short weeks of campaigning, we have also built in two awesome new features:

Black Market! - sell your junk items to a shady character in the alley and see if you can snag an amazing price on them!

Wardrobe - Equip Mean McAllister with some new swag, unlocked along the way by various super secret means ;)

With a short development cycle like ours, we planned to work extremely hard to get this game prepared, polished and released, without making our fans wait, delaying release dates or coming out too early riddled with gameplay bugs. Right now we are dead on track. We cannot estimate release date very accurately but it looks like Q2 2016 is possible for us.

  • We have left to finish:
    • Steam Achievements
    • Steam API
    • Rooster Tales (in game Achievements)
    • Mission Content
    • Enemy Content
    • Boss Raids
    • Various small tweaks

Chicken Assassin is coming and we have enjoyed a very active fan base so far pushing this along. Thanks again!

For your loyal fanship - have a sneak peak of Mean McAllister in his new Swag:


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