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New enemies have been added, tougher mechas, they do not die so easily but walk slow, so buff up before attacking them.

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Current version: 4.0.4 - Last Update - 21 February 2015

New updates (version 4+) gives:

  • New enemies - mechas
  • Game engine rewritten! for 3x the performance
  • Multiplayer rewritten for optimizations
  • Infinite maps! 50% chance of joining other player's map on teleport!
  • New map: Snow
  • New map: Stony/Dirt
  • Terrain modifies speed and gives damage (lava)
  • Bots level up too!

New updates (version 3+) gives:

  • Coins are now in groups
  • Heal! Alarm when your health is critical
  • Speed optimisations
  • Game added to Browserfun.net
  • Bigger Maps (100x Bigger)
  • Reckless Teleport,
  • Bigger Everything!
  • Faster Gameplay!
  • Precise Shadowcasting
  • Bosses, and before that:
  • load, save
  • score (progress),
  • un-ending world (random map on every enter on exit) also
  • Four New Maps,
  • Fog of War,
  • Short Combat attacks from enemies,
  • new User Interface

There are two conflicting teams. They both have access to special powers, but need life energy Chi to power them. The other team is attacking your team! Protect your team with the power of Hado (unlimited energy blast), Speed (multiply your speed), Thor (fire thunder anywhere near you). The game works on Android browser or normal Computer browser. You are never alone. There are a few bots online trying to blast what's near them. It's free to play. It's multiplayer. It's still constantly being upgraded. If you have any ideas for this game write me a comment! Thanks.

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