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The latest version of Chessmaster's Challenge including new and improved stuffs.

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Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.1 is finally here. The update contains several new contents as well as improvements from previous versions.

What's new?
Welcome to the new Hall of Pawnsmoor.

The hall now has been enlarged, enough to accomodate either brand new and improved features and other stuffs available for Riftwalkers to check out. Rhasta and Leila get their respective posts, Well of Fortune now is placed in some suspicious corner, and now the Hall accomodates a place for player to test their party composition before entering into the challenges.

Need a hint?

Now, right before the gateway into the challenges, there is an NPC who will gladly greet player and relay information about each challenge path. They hold important hints about the secrets and what player should expect in the end of challenge path. You might want to take a note on what they may tell you, just in case you want to unlock certain achievements or to avoid certain encounters...

Some particular artifacts...

Introduced in this version "Sidegrade artifacts" that are obtainable via unlocked achievements related to certain characters. Each artifact has properties derived from the character which it originated from, giving another broad range of setups and playstyles of anyone wearing it.

Combat controls + Action Log

Now, Ring Command behaviors have been improved, reducing chance of mischosen commands when it's active. Also, now introduced Action Log which can be accessed by pressing [SHIFT] when the Ring Command is not selecting Wait and Move commands.

New characters!

Now, in this update, four new characters are introduced into the Empty Tome:

  • Julia Almond: the eldest Almonds has arrived into Hall of Pawnsmoor along with her fiery arsenal consisting of time bombs, her trusty carbine, and a squad of artillery bombers at the ready to eliminate threats in the frontline;
  • Alice Almond: the youngest Almonds covertly slipped into the Hall. While she's rather subpar compared to her sisters, Alice makes up her lack of offensive powers with her cunning mind and a set of gadgets which are useful to sabotage enemies from behind the line;
  • Anna Candelifera: the anomaly of Kytheros somehow reached the Hall, bringing her along the way into the pitched battle against the Chessmaster. Cheerful, peppy and sometimes snarky, Anna may burn everything in her path into crisps; and
  • Mary Junkers: the courier and prospector from Kytheros whose existence anchored in realm between realities. With all stolen gadgets at her disposal, she may turn the table before everyone else realized it.

All of them are available after player unlocked achievements related to them. Refer to Achievement book to get the brief on how to unlock them.

And more!

Updated artworks, fixed bugs, reworked characters, new enemies, reworked AI behaviors and improvement on several in-game aspects. Check the CHANGELOG for more info.

Also, some separated videos showcasing some stuffs:

This one showcases the revamped Arphage and Iris

A recording on Resist/Weak popup on hit:

Latest one, showcasing some new characters

That's all for now about Chessmaster's Challenge updates.

Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.1 is now available to download. Check the Download button below. Note: Savefiles from previous version is not working in this version.

Don't forget to join Crescent Sun Discord server for more info, updates or things related to Eremidia-related projects as well: Discord.gg

If you find any bugs or have suggestions about this project, let me know via private message or post it in Crescent Sun Discord Server.

And that's all for now. Cheers~

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