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Many updates, a testing mode for you to try out, and a Cheese Mode, just for me :)

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Hello Climbers

As usual, I've been hard at work on the mechanics plus bug fixes and now have an update for y'all.

Here's the condensed list:

  • Finalized grappling
  • To respawn, you now press T (for "try again"). This was done to avoid accidental R presses
  • Bug fixes with the sliding mechanic
  • Audio bug fixes
  • Terminal velocity is now cancellable if you grapple, or double jump
  • Fixed a bug where sliding past terminal velocity let you live, until jumping and landing on anything
  • Added a Cheese Mode (not available in the live demo) where I can integrate the mechanics into the production area for testing
  • Added a testing sandbox to the demo where. Press T at the main menu to enter a small area where you can test all the new mechanics (beware it destroys your saved files)

I'm looking for feedback on the dashing, so let me know what you think! Read below the video for controls.

Download the demo on Steam HERE

You can see all the features in action in this Cheese Mode speedrun

Apologies if the video is a bit dark, not sure why that's happening...

Below are the controls for Test Mode

Double Jump:

  • Press space in mid air
  • Also works if you walk off a platform


  • Click where you want to grapple and it will pull you towards that point
  • You can move around while grappling to swing. I recommend doing this for better results.


  • Run until your reticle flashes and press Shift while on the ground to perform a long dash
  • If you're in the air and your stamina is low enough, but non zero, your reticle will flash, and you can press shift to dash in mid-air


  • Grab them with E
  • Throw them with F

Wall Kick (Tic Tac):

  • Jump into a wall
  • While facing a little over 90 degrees away from the wall, press the jump button again, and it will kick you off the wall
  • Tip: imagine your leg kicking off a wall while moving forward. The wall has to be to your side, and a bit behind you

Blue Crystals:

  • Just walk into them to automatically destroy them

Moving Platform:

  • There's one moving platform. If you stand on it, it will move on a predetermined path until it stops at the end

That's all for now!

Enjoy, and looking forward to your feedback!

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