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Just showing the new site -- and the plans for the newer updater.

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So, I spent today setting up a site, and fixing some obsolete code. The game runs a teeny bit faster, but it isn't really noticeable at the moment. Delving from the last news piece, one of my priorities are error handling. It'll all be added in the next patch, so expect a speed-up in the code. I'll also most likely have scoring done, depending on how happy I'll be with the system.

The current updater that was released will also become deprecated. An updated version of it will be released with this above update.

v1.0_00 --> v1.0_01:
- Slowed down particles, and added DoEvents where I accidentally forgot it. Largely affected FPS.
- Started on a basic difficulty system.
- Started developing an error-handling system. Various RTEs are handled by events that I've added, for example, File Not Found will simply close the exe, and prompt you to run the updater, Automation Error will prompt you to install DirectDraw7, and any other event will log as much as possible, and save it in a text-file, which you can decide to email/post to me or not.
- Some small interface changes.

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