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This update of cheat pack adds new options about population, profession, politics and ideology.

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In a attempt to decrease the average update gap from once a year Cheat Pack receives another update. This version focuses on government/ideology and population/profession cheats. The mod also has a new overall disable option which hides all cheat tabs under one descision. Country flags instead of global flags in order for better multiplayer compatability. Other modifications include the first version of this mod to be able to be installed as a conventional mod, Which can still be activated in conjunction with other mods. This version may have reduced compatibility with some mods. CheatPack is always tested with HFM and Vanilla (With DLCs) 3.04. Big thanks to LordUnhold for their valuable contributions to the Political and Population packs. All new cheats are named with italics.


Westernize/UnWesternize - Allows you to toggle a nations civilization status.

Prestige100 - Gives your nation 100

Prestige10000 - Gives your nation 10000 prestige

AssimilateAllYourPops - Converts your entire population into your primary culture.

IncreaseCountryPopulation - Doubles your population in all controlled provinces.

RemoveInfamy - Removes all your infamy.

AnnexYourSphere - Annexes all nations in your sphere.

ResearchPoints - Gives your nation 500 Research.

LeaveSphere - Removes you from your sphere leader

GivesMoney - Gives your nation $500,000.

ExcesiveMoney_DontGoOver2Billion - Gives your nation $500,000,000. Do not exceed $2 Billion.


ConstitutionalMonarchy - Changes your nations government to a constitutional monarchy.

UnlockAnchroLiberals_Recomandation1848 - Unlocks Anchro-Liberal government type.

UnlockSocialists_Recomandation1860 - Unlocks Socialist government type.

Unlockfascists_Recomandation1905 - Unlocks Fascist government type.

UnlockCommunists_Recomandation1870 - Unlocks Communist government type.

AmericanCivilWarHistoric -Designed for the USA/Continental North American states, Releases the CSA with the states that the game intended it to have, removes slavery from the releasing nation and starts the war.

AmericanCivilWarOpen - Designed for any other American slave nation. Releases all slave provinces in the Americas as the CSA except your capital and starts you at war.

UnlockWorldWars - Unlocks both great wars and world wars.


TakeYourCores - Gain all provinces of which you have a core on.

TakeYourVassals - All vassals and substates are absorbed into your nation.

WesterniseYourVassals/UnesterniseYourVassals - Allows you to toggle the civilization status of your vassals.

GiveYourVasselsResearch - Gives your vassals 250,000 research.

TakeYourAllies - All allied nations are absorbed into your nation.

TakeYourSphere - All nations in your sphere are absorbed into your nation.


IncreaseLiberals - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly liberal.

IncreaseFascists - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly fascist.

IncreaseAnarchoLiberals - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly anchro-liberal.

IncreaseCommunists - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly communist.

IncreaseReactionarys - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly reactionary.

IncreaseSocialists - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly socialist.

IncreaseConservatives - Makes your population and government overwhelmingly conservatives.

IncreaseJingoism - Makes your population more jingoistic.

BanElections - Selects political reform, No voting.

WeightedWealthElections - Selects political reform, Weighted Wealth.

UniversalWeightedElections - Selects political reform, Weighted.

UniversalElections - Selects political reform, Universal voting.

DeregulateEconomy - Selects social reforms, No Minimum Wage, No work hour limit and No safety.

MildWelfareReforms - Selects social reforms, Low subsidies and Acceptable pensions.

EducationHealthReforms - Selects social reforms, Good schools and Acceptable welfare.

ToggleSlaveryOn/ToggleSlaveryOff - Toggles slavery in your nation.

FullDemocracy - Selects all democratic political reforms.

FullDictatorship - Rolls back all democratic political reforms.

FullSocialReform - Selects all positive social reforms.


HalfAristocrats - Halves Aristocrat population.

PurgeAristocrats - Removes 90% of Aristocrat population.

HalfForeignAristocrats - Halves non-accepted culture Aristocrat population.

HalfNonPrimaryAristocrats - Halves non-primary culture Aristocrat population.

PurgeForeignAristocrats - Removes 90% of non-accepted culture Aristocrat population.

PurgeNonPrimaryAristocrats - Removes 90% of non-primary culture Aristocrat population.

IncreasePopulation20Percent - Increases nations population by 20%

IncreasePopulation50Percent - Increases nations population by 50%

DoublePopulation - Doubles your nations population.

IncreaseCraftsmen20Percent - Increases nations crafstman population by 20%

IncreaseCraftsmen50Percent - Increases nations crafstman population by 50%

DoubleCraftsmen - Doubles your nations craftsman population.

HalfMinoritys - Halves non-accepted culture population.

HalfNonPrimaryCultre - Halves non-primary culture population.

PurgeMinoritys - Reduced non-accepted culture by 90%.

PurgeNonPrimary - Reduced non-primary culture by 90%.


NorthGermanyUnion - Allows you to form North Germany, Can be done as any nation.

NorthGermanyUnion_WithoutBaltics - Allows you to form North Germany while excluding the United Baltic States, Can be done as any nation.

FormItaly - Allows you to form Italy, Can be done as any nation.

FormScandinavia - Allows you to form Scandinavia, Can be done as any nation.

FormGranColumbia - Allows you to form Gran Columbia, Can be done as any nation.

FormCulturalUnion - Allows you to form a generic cultural union based on your primary culture type, Can be done as any nation.


AnnexEnemys - Absorb all enemy states into your nation.

AnnexTheWorld - Absorb all nations into your nation.

WesterniseTheWorld - Civilize all existing nations.

AnnexNeighbors - Absorb all neighboring nations.

AssimilateTheWorldRespectivly - All nations assimilate their populations based on their primary culture.

EveryStateReleasesAVassal - All nations that are able to release one vassal each time the option is used.


Bug fixes


Bug fixes

Originally this mod was purely to test other mods I was making. Therefore I try to keep this mod as light as possible. To Install the mod, Place the contents of the ZIP file (The mod file and .mod file) in your mod folder in your Victoria 2 game file. Activate the mod in the launcher. Can be launched with other mods. Recommend Historical Flavor Mod for best game play.

It is also the best cheat mod for HPM ;)

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