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For the third time in three years Cheat Pack gets a update!

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For the third time in three years Cheat Pack gets a update! The focus for V1.2 was cleaning up the interface/optimizing functions and adding the possibility of launching some events. Many options have been renamed. However new cheat options are available in a number of different areas (Where italics indicate new cheats):


Westernize/UnWesternize - Allows you to toggle a nations civilization status.

Prestige - Gives your nation 200 prestige usually resulting in at least secondary power status.

AssimilateAllYourPops - Converts your entire population into your primary culture.

IncreaseCountryPopulation - Doubles your population in all controlled provinces.

ReduceInfamy - Reduces your nations infamy by 30.

AnnexYourSphere - Annexes all nations in your sphere.

ResearchPoints - Gives your nation 500 Research.

LeaveSphere - Removes you from your sphere leader

GivesMoney - Gives your nation $500,000.


ConstitutionalMonarchy - Changes your nations government to a constitutional monarchy.

UnlockAllGovermentTypes - Unlocks Anchro-Liberal, Socialist, Communist and Fascist goverment types.

TriggerAmericanCivilWar - Only available to the USA. Forces the American civil war to start.

UnlockWorldWars - Unlocks both great wars and world wars.


TakeYourCores - Gain all provinces of which you have a core on.

TakeYourVassals - All vassals and substates are absorbed into your nation.

WesterniseYourVassals/UnesterniseYourVassals - Allows you to toggle the civilization status of your vassals.

GiveYourVasselsResearch - Gives your vassals 250,000 research.

TakeYourAllies - All allied nations are absorbed into your nation.

TakeYourSphere - All nations in your sphere are absorbed into your nation.


NorthGermanyUnion - Allows you to form North Germany, Can be done as any nation.

NorthGermanyUnion_WithoutBaltics - Allows you to form North Germany while excluding the United Baltic States, Can be done as any nation.

FormItaly - Allows you to form Italy, Can be done as any nation.

FormScandinavia - Allows you to form Scandinavia, Can be done as any nation.

FormGranColumbia - Allows you to form Gran Columbia, Can be done as any nation.

FormCulturalUnion - Allows you to form a generic cultural union based on your primary culture type, Can be done as any nation.


AnnexEnemys - Absorb all enemy states into your nation.

AnnexTheWorld - Absorb all nations into your nation.

WesterniseTheWorld - Civilize all existing nations.

AnnexNeighbors - Absorb all neighboring nations.

AssimilateTheWorldRespectivly - All nations assimilate their populations based on their primary culture.

EveryStateReleasesAVassal - All nations that are able to release one vassal each time the option is used.

ReduceVassalsRank - Reduces the prestige of your vassal states to hinder them obtaining great power status.

OverPowerYourNation - A selection of effects to improve the efficiency of your nation. The most blatant cheat of the pack.

Originally this mod was purely to test other mods I was making. Therefore I try to keep this mod as light as possible. To Install the mod, place the text documents in the decisions folder of your core Victoria 2 game or in a mods decisions folder.


A small update that replaces the unfinished TriggerAmericanCivilWar function with two new functions and some other minor refinements pending a larger update in the coming days:


AmericanCivilWarHistoric - Designed for the USA/Continental North American states, Releases the CSA with the states that the game intended it to have, removes slavery from the releasing nation and starts the war.

AmericanCivilWarOpen - Designed for any other American slave nation. Releases all slave provinces in the Americas as the CSA except your capital and starts you at war.


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