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(Sorry, only Chinese at present.Next English Patch)

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Feature 1, hero command. Private soldiers continent all 16 NPC have their own unique skills, NPC comes with a command skills, followed by books and merchants to buy books to unlock new hero skills. Orders need to be ordered enough, the command point can pass through the passage of time or in the pub, the corresponding NPC to eat. Order some examples, such as Porta's command to steal a horse, can be followed through a variety of city map unlock teleport skill. Such as Luo Malfoy to hire a rogue Knight cavalry training, Fatisi occupation can be trained knights and warriors.
Features 2, the main line of the story, I heard that the main story is very large, but now only completed less than 1/10 of the story, do not cheat to play for more than half an hour.
Features 3, a variety of new scenarios, but there are bug, resulting in the scene can not enter. But the author to force bug repair method, I will give you back the integration of bug repair.
Characteristic 4, the person in the pub is sitting, the different person sitting posture is also different. But this seems far mod has a lot of, just, in order to prevent the tear forced by others said infringement, so all the movements are made out of his own, rather than the Internet to find, even the code is written by TXT himself again. From the part of the sitting position can be seen, there is a rest, the eyes are closed. The minstrel song is his own Luantan... Then... Using a mobile phone recording can listen to the last place cut.
5, a large number of new units, various characteristics of arms. And so on, I will not introduce.
Features 6, the new NPC, private soldiers in the mainland in addition to the original NPC there are several new NPC, these NPC also have their own unique skills.
7, the new report and camp menu. Force grid moment to upgrade. The camp menu could see a Calradian map, and the map is also the author of his paintings.
8, do the anti anti cavalry riding, and riding in addition to anti Nothing is right. Listen to s. That's what he wants. In addition many units have additional attributes. The next version of the anti cavalry trigger will be the last update.
Features 9, logging, mining field, players can freely enter, and let the soldiers collected. Added material system. Many parts of the building must be used. And cattle can be classified directly into the ranks.
Features 10, the new transaction price, pseudo bargain, a lot of new goods and so on... There are also countries to sell their horses horse traffickers.
11, forging system, tear forging system in force only in the city the blacksmith made sword, but the next update seems to be forging weapons axes. And you can make things in their own house consuming materials, and not necessarily to the city's blacksmith shop to spend money to make things.
12, city system, the city said, the next version will be able to make the first edition system seems to be. How to say the city system before? Too shabby. And bug super. But if the next version of the new city system, then it is interesting.
Features 13, naval battle, naval battle itself is not what the characteristics of a lot of mod have. But tearing force in the purchase of a ship, the different enemies, naval warfare time shows the enemy ship is also different. After buying a ship can be upgraded in various cities, upgrading the ship can increase the number of troops allowed to carry. And different levels of the ship in naval battle will also have a different model of the ship. However, the current battle is still relatively simple, and so there should be a better update later.
14, joined the beauty face, such as Yamila, Mathilde, the NPc will have a pretty face, in the group of sows can finally find flowers to clean the eyes # (funny). And the common female face also has a certain degree of beautification, at least you can squeeze out of the monkey's female face. But whether it is a pretty face, looked ordinary face beautification things are all made of S.

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