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Alex Cunningham is a scientist and forthright engineer - he's been presumed lost in the field having already gone Beyond Flesh and Blood.

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Alex Cunningham is the the lost father figure in Beyond Flesh and Blood; there is a lot related to him that becomes quite significant in the entirety of the world in Beyond Flesh and Blood.

Father of Ethan Cunningham and husband of the late Wendy Cunningham, Alex was the genius at the top of his field in robotic engineering for Astralis Engineers.

He left on a UGR expedition to the Earth 5 years ago when Ethan was only 14 years old, the expedition team disappeared shortly after reportedly arriving on the surface of the Earth.

Alex’s work in robotics was wide ranging and the UGR utilised some of this work for military applications, encompassing frame technology from engineering frames to full combat frames. His work saw progess leading at the forefront of robotic technology and engineering for the United Global Remnant.

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