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Summary about some of the characters being revealed for Wild Season.

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So! For today's update we'll be revealing a little more about the characters we revealed on the kickstarter main page! We'll be exploring a little more about the character's backgrounds, their personalities, and possibly what you can expect when you meet them in game, and of course by association learn a little more about the world we're crafting!


Alexandra (or Alex for short) Comes from the big city! She wants to be a great chef, and when she hears that the great Chef Le Woolf is retiring to come live in a small town in the outskirts of the city, she realises this is her chance! Following the setup of Chef Le Woolf's quaint little restaurant, she arrives pleading for him to take her on as his prodigy.

Alexandra is passionate about food and cooking. She loves everything about it, and adores a well made dish with quality ingredients. Use anything less and she can come off as a bit of a snob. Alexandra is an astute professional and passionate about little more than her work. During the day she works as a waitress at Le Woolf's restaurant, and at night, she trains with him to become a better chef.

Alexandra is gorgeous, and quickly catches the eye of many admirers. How she deals with that though, we'll leave for you guys to find out in game ;)


Maya is a local girl, having been born and raised in the village. Although she has lived there most of her life, she went abroad for a few years to complete her studies in nursing. However her love for the town caused her to quickly come back and take up a position as a nurse at the local clinic under Dr. Darius. Maya is known to be friendly but reserved. She enjoys making friends and meeting new people, but don's expect her to be the loudest in the room. Despite that she is easily influenced, and often finds herself dragged into the ploys of her co-workers. A situation she is rarely pleased about when things go south. Just like she always knows they will.


Randy is actually not from the village! He lives a few towns out, and is the official photographer for the region! He can often be found shooting at festivals and other important events for the regional papers, magazines and blogs. Although he does not live in the town he can often be found out and about, working on his portfolio, or looking for new subjects to shoot, however if you ever want to reach him, he's only a phone call away... Randy is a fun but mature kind of guy. He's been around the world travelling, and has many stories to tell! Although he's settled down for now, he might be willing to move again for the right reasons...


Lucas is a strange one! Like Alex, he shows up one day, asking to work at Chef Le Woolf's restaurant. He claims to want to learn to cook, but can never seem to be found when the time comes.

Lucas is quiet and serious, hardly ever engaging in conversation, and often seems cold & distant. He doesnt seem to be interested in building social relationships. There must be a reason why he keeps himself so shielded.

Lucas can often be found snooping around town, in weird areas, with little or no explanation as to why he is there. Sound fishy yet? Lucas might be one to keep an eye on!

We hope you guys enjoyed the update & learning more about some of the characters!!!

Although we will continue to be posting updates visible to all, the rest of the bachelor/bachelorette updates will be exclusively for backers only! So if you want to learn more about the other bachelors & bachelorette's dont forget to pledge! Kickstarter.com


No me gustan los personajes con la mitad de la cara tapada con pelo D: pero aun así amo el juego ;D

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can i have children in this game?

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