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Post news RSS Character Model Complete, Skill Tree's & Inventory System!

Showing off latest 3D piece aswell as some interesting new features.

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Been working alot on the build, making complete overhauls, adding, fixing and changing. Things I'm going to show you are: New skill tree system and unit inventories *Placeholder art*

Skills have been split up into three categories: Survivor, Civil & Military

Survivor covering skills needed to survive in the wastelands and gather supplies.

Civil covering skills that help build up your base and interact with other factions passively

Military covering skills that will help you crush your opponents

Inside each skill tree holds three sub classes:

Survivor - Scavenger, Raider & Traveler

Civil - Engineer, Security & Farmer

Military - Scout, Soldier & Medic

The inventory system will allow you to give your units weapons and equipment. Allowing units to attack in longer ranges, travel further per turn, better damage, accuracy, health

However you will have not an abundance of items so choose careful what you give to who.

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