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The first in a series on our roster! Learn more about Daxter, his playstyle and moveset! :)

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Daxter is a young hooded man who has control over a blue flame that he summons through intense concentration. Fast and hard hitting, his rush down tactics can make for an immense pressure on his opponents focus during battle.

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Neutral Special: Charged CardsUser Posted Image

Daxter throws 2 explosively charged cards, which will stick into the ground and detonate after a small delay or burst on impact of an opponent. When thrown in air, they are thrown at an angle downwards.

Down Special: Burst Fist
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Daxter focuses his flames into his fist, before slamming it down into the ground causing big damage to the area around him. When done in air, he slams down to the ground at massive speed!

Side Special: Flame Dash
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Daxter turns into a speeding flame that zips forward, colliding with an opponent causes him to bounce off of them. Good for horizontal recovery!

Up Special: Burst Drill
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Daxter is engufled in his flame, turning into a powerful dril that pierces the heavens and drags opponents with him! Decent vertical recovery but almost no horizontal recovery!

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