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An update on the current progress of Spyrex talking about the character creator and a little information on possible tests

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Character creator 12% done
For now, I am going to just make a basic creator that has limited options, just to see if the system works. This is because I do not want to spend an extremely long time on a system that was doomed from the start. It is already a huge gamble to take on something like this so early into development, especially with problems I have been having.

Hopefully, after testing the first part, it should all run smoothly as currently it is working. However, I have only done hairstyles and I am now working on clothes. This is a long section so apologies if you do not hear from me for a long time but I am working on it as much as possible and this project is nowhere near dead.

I have high hopes for the future, but for now, I have just got to grind through the boring things. Hopefully we can finish this in 3-4 weeks because as soon as I have finished it, I will invite a small number of testers to try it out and give feed-back.

Thank you

~Spyrex Development Team

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