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In this news we will talk about our latest changes and Mesh / Texture Updates, which we implemented in "The Farm". And you will see the first Character Blockout.

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Greetings ! :).

This week was a stressful one.
I was totally sick until Thursday and Lukas was working intense of getting new Textures in place.
Atm we are at 5-6 outdoor Textures, which you will see next Week when more stuff is in place.
But they look awesome as always ;).

Today he started to work on the Character and made the first Skeleton for this one. So here is the first pass. Right now he is working in ZBrush, but this will take some time and you will see the real Character at a later time.

User Posted Image

I finished the my Geiger Counter and made a Old TV. So not much on my side.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The next Update will be bigger ;).

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See you next Week ! :)

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