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The third chapter of the first adventure is now available.

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The third chapter in the third week. I actually really thought it would take me at least 2 weeks to make a single vid but I may have discovered a way to truly guarantee a video a week. I changed the drawing style by using a different brush and I actually completed all the slides in a matter of 2 days. It took twice as long the last vid so from here on I will be utilizing this new art style. But it's too early to tell if that was the case as I feel that I've used quite a bit of shortcuts for this chapter, more so than before. Well in order to make a vid a week, shortcuts will have to be made but as I improve, I'd like to think that I will increase my speed in creating these vids and thus improve the quality of the final product.

I've also gotten some feedback from some testers and it appears that there are some things that I should improve. At the moment, the game may not be the best but since it's the first adventure, I'm aiming to use this more of an experiment while trying to find the right fit for it.

Finally, I've goofed a bit in two of these vids and I accidentally left some notes on the screen. If you see letters on the corners, just ignore them, they have no bearings on the game.

So enjoy chapter 3 for now and I'm off to make chapter 4. Make sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel and like the Facebook page to be notified of future installments.



chap3 log 2batt a 11

chap3 log 8chap3 log 4

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