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The second chapter of the first adventure is available on YouTube.

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Yes my friends, the second chapter of Wunderkind is out. In fact, every chapter is aiming to be created in a weeks time so expect new chapters there after until the final one approaches. However, because of this short time span I'm giving myself, the quality of the artwork may suffer a bit. This is due to the artwork requiring two weeks to create but if I cut that time in half, the art quality may be reduced. However, I aim to improve that. I want to improve my line art so that I can draw decent drawings in a fraction of the time so please be patient for the first few chapters as that will take some time.

Another change that has been made is that each chapter is split into parts. Putting the entire chapter in a single video is actually too much work for both YouTube and myself but splitting them into parts makes things much easier and makes shifting through the entire video much smoother. I also learned that if a piece of the video is loaded, it will remained loaded. At first, when you click on a annotation to move through the video, it will take time to load but once it has done so and you click the same annotation, the part of the video you went to will automatically load. I want to figure out a way to "load" the game this way but not sure how to do that without having spoilers. Maybe if I have an annotation cover the entire screen throughout the video and have the player click on the specific times to load. Perhaps that might work.

I also forgot to add this but during the first cutscene, you were supposed to be notified about a hint: if there are two or more enemies on the screen at the same time, do not attack one because the other will get you as Leuchten can only attack one at a time.

Lastly, there's a new Facebook page for Wunderkind. Click the following link a give it a like to be notified of new chapters.


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