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Release of ChaosEsque Anthology on Dec 9 2020, including many additional features from last announcement here.

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Update: REL117zzzzzzy: Experimental Engine update included as an option (experimentalxonotic- experimentaldarkplaces-) which allows up to 4 million entities using the LP7 protocol (sv_protocol LP7) or protocolmasquradeing (compat with DP7 protocol up to 16k entities, max entities for compat clients: 4million). Use if you need more entities, otherwise use regular.

Update: REL117zzzzzzt: Monster code bugfixes so that map-placed monsters respawn at their original starting area. Fixes bug in BaptistryAlone where the dogs would eventually escape the lower levels. Also added a variable to disable this fix: said is invoked for the DarkHold map to retain previous behavior, which somewat made more interesting combat vs some monsters there. Also there were references to non-existing unused sounds in some of the sword code, so commented that out. Swords, as anyone who has played this mod / game / fork knows: are silent in this game until they hit or clash. Previously they were "trying to play" nonexistant _mele.wav with their name appended to the front. Now that is simply not invoked.

Update: 117zzzzzzs: Various fixes, and code development.

Update: 117zzzzzzp: Vehicle code work for tank view turing code, addition of command to set/unset tank turret independence, texture work/additions, colormap for sctiles building OfficeTower2.

Update: 117zzzzzzo: Work on vehicle view turning code, work on sc_tiles spawnarray rectify code vs roads.

Update: 117zzzzzzm: Work on vehicle tire code etc.

Update: 117zzzzzzl: spawnrandom: one can now use a spawnrandom entity as a pathway to randomly spawn or copy various items or things one has built (ex brushes grouped into a func_wall etc (make sure to place an origin brush)) and make one's map different on each playthorugh.

Update: 117zzzzzzg: Adds various tires for the anti-grav cars. vehicle_tiretype can now be 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6: anti-grav, standard tire, solid tire, offroad tire, racing slicks, spiked tire, APC tire. You can also set to 1000 for random tire. The same goes for the setting/command set g_vehicles_forcetiretype 1000 . The tire code now detects different terrain and behaves differently on each vis a vis accel etc.

Update: 117zzzzzzc: Tires added as option for anti-grav cars. You can, in a map, set one of the anti-grav cars to use tires instead with the key-value (in netradiant / gtkradiant, on the entity): vehicle_tiretype 1 . You can force all of them to have tires instead in the game with the setting (in your config.cfg etc): set g_vehicles_forcetiretype 1 . This was a feature request from some time back.

Update: 117zzzzzzb - fix for an edge case in the rectify code where multiple passes were performed.

Update: ChaosEsque Anthology Release 117zzzzzza: This release adds further code refinement to the rectify option for spawnarrays (when creating grid-cities with the sc_tiles).

Greetings, ChaosEsque Anthology has been in continuous development since last announced release. It has gained many more features that may be interesting to Quake/Quake3 mappers. One of those features is the addition of SpawnArrays and SpawnRadials (in addition to SpawnCircles and SpawnSnakes). Using these functions, one can invoke the creation in-game of many entities from a single entity (think of in Autocad: where you can use arrays and radials for columns etc). Using the SpawnArray one can create grid cities and the like, or just grids of foliage or pickup-items.

xonotic20201210033641 00

(Portion of a city spawned using a spawnarray)

Other features since last announcement include now over 200 weapons, increased amount of buildable items, presets, custom weapon skins, changable weapon extended magazines for some weapons, and player classes: as options. Additionally maps such as Darkhold have been expanded since last announcement here.

The presets get you into the game quicker.

Another improvement is that the weapons are programmatically modeled closer to operate in a similar manner to their corporeal counterparts: Openbolt weapons have a half-cycle non-inturruptable lag before actuation (as one example), bolt action rifles require a-secondary actuation (pull back bolt) and then a second secondary actuation (push bolt forward) to chamber a new round, etc. Similar nuances exist for pump action (on secondary actuation), lever action (two secondary actuation: however smooth as the second will register even if the first actuation is still in progress), crank fired (alternating actuations of primary and secondary mouse button), etc weapons. Flint lock and such weapons have also been programmatically modeled with the appropriate lock-time lag, and ball-and-shot ammunition is used for the musket. Double edged swords and axes allow one to back swing aswell.

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