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A small but important update. Game name change and preparation for Steam Greenlight.

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It's been a while since I last posted an update, nevertheless, I kept working hard on the game. I did report some of the progress on my twitter feed, but today I want to post a small, but important update here.

Game name change

First of all, I'm changing the name of the game to "Trigger Time". The game remains the same, nothing is changed but the name. There're 2 reasons for the game name change:

  • "Military Force" felt too generic, hard to remember or lookup using search engines. This was a temporary name right from the start and I knew that someday I'll have to change it to something better
  • Preparation for Steam Greenlight (see below)

Preparation for Steam Greenlight

Yes! It'll finally happen! The game goes to Steam Greenlight very soon! This was also a reason for the game name change, I really wanted the game to have some catchy name on its Steam Greenlight page. Stay tuned for more info, I'll post another status update once the game hits Steam Greenlight.

Trigger Time 0.23

I've also published a new build of the game, it's version 0.23. There aren't much changes there:

  • The name of the game is changed to Trigger Time
  • Theme music is changed
  • Some of the grammar mistakes were fixed
  • Some of the character names were changed

Trigger Time 0.23 is the build that'll (probably) be linked to from Steam Greenlight page. Actually, the game progressed much further now, it continuously receives asset updates and new features are being worked on. Since the game is currently in somewhat "non-stable" state it's better to link a tested, stable, but a bit outdated build and that'll be 0.23

More status updates

So, as was noted earlier, a lot of stuff changed in the game, but they weren't reported anywhere but my twitter feed. It's time to fix the situation! Once the game is on Steam Greenlight I'll be providing constant updates on what was done and what's being done. I'll probably use Greenlight announcement feature or just post the updates here, anyway, stay tuned, more exciting stuff coming soon!

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