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List of what is in the mod and credits for resources used.

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- Tweaked all items so that they weigh more. If you notice that they are much heavier than they otherwise would be, this is intentional in order to make combat feel like how it does in the Vikingr multiplayer mod.
- Tweaked most items stats.
- Tweaked module.ini.
- Changed some animations.
- Is save-game compatible.

This submod has been fully tested and works the way I've intended it, though if I've mistakenly missed changing an item's weight (same types of items weigh the same), please inform me.

Thank you to:

Taleworlds for making Mount and Blade Warband.
Antonis for making The Sword and the Axe.
The Rome at War team for permission to use their animations.
The Vikingr mod for inspiring me with the way it uses the weight system in order to change the combat feel.

Running animations - rgcotl and jacobhinds
Spear thrust animations - Crusaders Way to Expiation team

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