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Post news RSS Changelog notes: 1.0.0 - 1.0.3

Hi everyone, here are the changelog notes from 1.0.0 - 1.0.3

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· Added HP on lights. (will soon be destructible by enemies

· Rubble in city use random drops now

· Crossbow animations sorted.

· Fix only number in world/character name

· Fix Bug in crafting queue when Item cancelled where it was not deleted from queue

· Fix scrolling to top when crafting

· Ranged enemies actually apply damage now

· Ranged enemies projectiles no longer apply damage through walls/doors

· Enemies now use line of sight to decide when to attack

· Mouse over emotes for mining and device activation

· Cursor change to swapped item disappearing fixed

· Fixed research points calculations.

· Crafting queue bug fixed

· Updated visual location and layer of tar bubbles effect.

· Aiming with gun fix

· Data split, should now fix having to make new characters on updates

· Added backdrops for underground when back walls are gone

· Removed login screen

· updates to parasite enemies behaviours

· Can pick-up fire arrows now

· Increase research queue

· New Booster progress display

· added some jungle plants

· fixed lighAntenna and tweaked goo lantern and lantern light settings

· missing icons added

· fix to return wood buckets / metal buckets when using tar in crafting

· coral was not mining correctly, fixed

· fixed rubble and titanium wall detection in city


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