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This is a troop tree submod for the awesome A World of Ice and Fire warband modification made by produno.

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3.0 Changelog

Troop Changes

Added another 2 troops to the Golden Company.
Golden Company troop stats adjusted.
Golden Company troops loadout tweaked.
Golden Company Longbowman & Elite Longbowman now have a chance to spawn with a Goldenheart Bow.
Adjusted equipment of Volantene Cavalry.
Adjusted the stats of several other units.
Tweaked the equipment of several other units.

Added 15 new special household troops:
Runestone Knight
Umber Man at Arms
Umber Vanguard
Tully Crossbowman
Tully Man-at-Arms
Tully Mounted Searjent
Mallister Sworn Sword
Tallhart Mounted Searjent
Glover House Guard
Hornwood Retainer
Piper Sworn Sword
Redwyne Knight
Greyjoy Reaver
Yronwood Knight
Blackwood Heavy Cavalry

These new troops are included in the garrison of their corresponding locations (e.g Greyjoy Reavers are part of the garrison of Pyke). To obtain these household troops you need to be the owner of their corresponding locations.

Edit: After testing in game, unfortunately the household troops do NOT spawn in their respective locations, it looks like editing the text files don't make them spawn in the garrison for players and only works for NPCs. It seems without the source code I can't make them as obtainable troops for the player, in the next version I will try to find a way to get around this issue.

Other Changes

Ser Beron Grey has necessary stats to equip his armour.
All Stormlander Lords have had their equipment upgraded.
All Northern Lords have been given better armour.
Rare chance of finding the Warbow in Volantene towns.
House Manderly Lords have been given better equipment.
The garrison of Winterfell now includes Stark Household troops.
The garrison of the Dreadfort now includes Bolton Household troops.
The garrison of Karhold now includes Karstark Household troops.
The garrison of Casterly Rock now includes Lannister Household troops.
The garrison of Horn Hill now includes Tarly House Guards.
Some lords were incorrectly assigned to the wrong faction at the start of the game so I've changed them
according to this time period in canon. Only Lord I didn't re-assign was Alester Florent due to gameplay reasons.
Ser Bryan Fossoway has been assigned to the Reach.
Lord Casper Wylde has been assigned to the Stormlands.
Lord Lester Morrigen assigned to the Stormlands.
Ser Richard Morrigen assigned to the Stormlands.
Lord Hugh Grandison assigned to the Stormlands.
Lord Harwood Fell assigned to the Stormlands.
Robber, Exiled & Outlawed Knights will now be considered as a hostile party to all NPCs. (NPC Lords will attack them.)
The Vale Hill Tribes will now be considered as a hostile party to all NPCs. (NPC Lords will attack them.)
Slight changes to recruiting templates.
Updated Brog & Reed Matter's equipment.
All 1H Valyrian Weapons have been buffed.
Nerfed Dothraki Armour.
Changed several map icons.
All Spearman troops have been given sidearms in the event that they have a backup weapon in case the spear breaks. Thanks to LeonhardtFalkenberg for making me aware of this issue.


produno for creating the amazing AWOIAF Mod.


did you add custom textures or used current ones from mod?

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DubCuda Author

Used the current ones.

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