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Post news RSS Changelog 11/16/2015 => 12/7/2015

Shows what has been done for period from 11/16/2015 to 12/7/2015

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5:22 PM 12/7/2015
render_material huge bug uncovered

8:01 PM 12/6/2015
spinning bug #2 fixed

9:55 AM 12/1/2015
added dumping textures as unpacker
MTZ + snow textures fix
city_big7 crash

Bus - flickering lost steer part bug

10:06 AM 11/23/2015
fixed rear wheel hiding bug on curvy surfaces
added function that returns pure angles from lookat into math, that will be very userfull!
fixed bad turning on overpass
specific raycast crash bug fixed
DRAW SCENE USAGE HISTOGRAM using imGUI for each object in iScene, that will help us determine source of lags!
too high raycast causes cars to have bugs under the bridge

1:37 PM 11/22/2015
correct collision with new fast model[increased mass, added linvvel]
truck lost wheels bugfix

4:10 PM 11/21/2015
truck textures bug
azs texture bug
new vehicle basic physics finally aded
patched ai code for new physics

11:51 AM 11/20/2015
fast faraway cars idea, added classes, estimated raycast e.t.c., added first test model, not very good, will try new idea with wheels as control source instead of chasis

4:11 PM 11/18/2015
better gear change keyb controls

2:32 PM 11/16/2015
buses now softly comes to stop
buses now blink left when moving away from stop

camera lerping bug
bad textures on cars
bad colors on the buses
buses were getting stuck on busstops
doors now open to the fullest, instead of laggy
some buses had problem with doors, they were closing and opening randomly
fixed rain problem[had an old fog state for it]
snow mode texture replacement is broken!
snow doesn't work in threaded loader

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