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First change log for a2.0. The Challenge update adds tons of improves and fixes.

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- Added a new Challenge mode that can be accessed by starting a new game
- Put an e-mail sign up for updates on the main menu
- New game name and icon on the main menu
- Split up the loading when the game starts
- Added a new Parrot Pirate James
- Made it so the leaderboard is shown, even if you don't login
- Added some social media buttons on the main menu
- Stopped launchers from shooting before the game starts
- Now saves the last skin you used, not just the last one you unlocked

- Made controller support a bit better, left and right menus can now be accessed through it
- Fixed a problem where jumping at a spinner blade while it was at 90 degrees stopped a jump
- Fixed a bug where pausing and un-pausing before the game began gave you a negitive timer
- Fixed pausing on the main menu causing the game to sometimes stop
- Fixed a problem where certan screen resolutions would overlap buttons
- Fixed a weird issue where scores were being improperly saved
- Various changes in level generation
- How it spawns enemies next to other traps
- Where launchers spawn
- Cleaned up and made some spawning more efficient

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