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This is the Chacko-Mauwa village, Gorf's hometown, or home village if you prefer, also the starting point for the game.

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Nucleotide game development diary series covers the development progress of the eponymous game in a form of video blog. This is our latest video:

Hello there Ivan here, bringing you updates on the Nucleotide game;Before I start, I would ask you to help us. Guys behind the IndiesCrashE3.com are promissing pass to E3 for the top ten submitters and the nominated indie teams.; Nucleotide is on the list, and all you have to do is follow the first link in the discription, click vote for us and confirm one e-email. It does not require for you to register . The tenth place holder has around 490 votes right now, I am sure that we can beat that with your help. It is a minute of your time, but it would really mean a lot.Let's get down to business ;) As you can see, our main character Gorf is now swimming in a totally different environment. This is the Chacko-Mauwa village, Gorf's hometown, or home village if you prefer, also the starting point for the game. So yes, you are actually looking at a real part of the game, unlike before. Many people are unsure about what this game is, after watching previous development diaries, if you are to, don't worry. Don't try to understand this as a game right now, because you didn't see any real gameplay yet.Chacko-Mauwa village should change that, it is set on the begining of the game and I will use it to show off all new major changes to the game.As the development comes to the finish, so will this part of the game, and then you will be able to understand what the game is.Now that we have that out of the way, let's notice some details. You can see that camera has started changing position relative to te player position, so it is no longer equidistant all the time.So if Gorf enters the yard of this house for example, camera will change the position. Idea is that the camera always gives the best view to the player, depending on the area, or the situation.I wrote a new shader for all materials on this screen, to give it this bright and colorful look.You can notice sun shafts, and if you look closely, you can see dust floating inside of them, this was achieved with a fragment shader.Shadows of the leafs are casted from the leaves visible on the water reflection.Leafs are moving on the wind, so are the shadows. Animation was achieved with a vertex shader, so it doesn't take much resources.Next development diary will show some new mechanics I've been working on, and improvements to the old ones shown in previous development diaries, and updates to the Chacko-Mauwa village; So if you are not subscribed, subscribe, It will be fun . There are some interesting things coming :DDon't forget to vote for us on IndiesCrashE3, link is in the description. I'm looking forward to your coments. My name is Ivan Madnić, thank you very much for watching. Bye

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