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A new version with update GUI, more voice audio, more ships to buy, a little variety in available weapons, bug fixes etc.

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Since IndieDB limits the fie size to download to 280mb I've decided to share my Dropbox link here to the Demo : DropBox

The Demo is 480 MB. The last one was 270MB. The added size is audio files.

The Demo now offers the player to choose perks when he levels up.
Perks include various bonuses to skills, bonus damage to certain factions and the use of various extra stuff such as nukes or speed boosters. A work in progress.

Construction has been added to the demo, The player, if he has a factory on board his ships can create various ammo and drones from materials. Another work in progress. More construction options will be added.

The GUI has been updated. New icons etc. moved some stuff around.

Modules can be damaged and fixed. Fixing the modules is currently through the fleet menu. It will be moved to a better area in the GUI.
Damaged modules operate at a reduced capacity.

The player can now choose from a selection of Captain voices when creating his character.
Terran Alliance, Freelance or pirate voices. Currently can select between about 5 or 7.. can't remember...
Voices for hired captains might be buggy. I will probably send a fresh update soon with a fix for that soon.
The captains now notify the player if their armor or structure is failing etc.

Fleet communications window has been added. This window will list the captain notifications. A work in progress.

The voice talents were provided from this site Voiceacting.proboards.com No cost. The good people there are aspiring voice actors, so publicity is all they need in return for their work.
Good site.

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