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Today I post some updates on one of our main vehicles, the Rhino.

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So I'm not sure if I can think of enough stuff to say to create a long update much like I did for the SIC-18 and MAIR-40. I would like to remind everyone that these models are rather high poly and are always subject to change. Also, before I get the low poly versions done, these tend to get a little messy, so, although I did my best to avoid it, and I might not have noticed it, but if there is an error somewhere, just let me know instead of freaking out and going "oMg!!!1!!!111 WTF!" and so on. Okay and now on to the main part of this post, and if you read any of this you get a cookie.

The Rhino is an armored personnel carrier. The cockpit can hold a single pilot and a mounted turret (that will, in plan of course, be customizable and upgradable) that will be placed near the hatch on the top and will also hold a single person. Then in the back we will have a total of eight troops, four seats on opposite sides of each other. The Rhino is of course a hovering vehicle. In theory, the Rhino is held up by thrusters and electromagnets. A plan of mine (not really yet to be agreed on by the team) is to have the roads specially 'paved' in the maps in Entropy. These roads would would house magnets also, and in turn the Rhino would be suspended in air by the powerful magnets in the road and the electromagnets within the Rhino. This would make it so that when on the roads, the Rhino would move at it's full speed (not all that fast due to it's size), but once leaving the roads, the thrusters would be the only thing suspending the vehicle. This would slow down the Rhino to a slower than average speed. Again, this is all in theory and may be scrapped on the final product. Anyway, just like the previous update, here's a picture of the updated Rhino.

The next thing I would like to show you is what I have personally dubbed "The Rhino's Horn". This is a Rhino modified with two large mounted cannons on top. It's also a much shorter version of the Rhino. The reasoning behind the shorter Rhino of course is for balancing the game out. In this version of the Rhino, there are only two seats in the back of the vehicle. These are left in the open again, to balance the game. "The Rhino's Horn" moves at the same pace as the regular Rhino. Only with one exception, and that's that it has to lower it's landing gear in order fire. This will take time, but not too much time, no longer than 15 seconds, if even that. And I don't really have much else to say past that. So here you guys go:

-BobtheGreatII (Posting at 1:34 AM So excuse the rambling and grammatical errors)


It looks cool but it's kinda hard to see the scale, you couldn't place a dude right next to it for reference?

It looks like a lot of empty space in The Rhino's Horn, wouldn't the logical thing to do be to protect the fat cables for the gun? Or if they get hot, maybe some kind of cooling system?

Great job!

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Some nice models there... and as far as scale, I am guessing that those are ladders on the front and side, not to mention the shovel strapped to the side, so it does give a decent idea of the size of the vehicles...

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BobtheGreatII Author

Pretty much. I did have a render with the old Master Chief model from the first game (what I usually use for a scale)standing on either side of the Rhino's to show it's scale. I guess I could get that throw in the pictures one of these days. And yes, you're right, those are ladders.

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Do I get a cookie now? :P

Great models. You obviously put a lot of time into them.

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