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This article includes all the update information for Caveman Madness version 0.001c. I will talk about the update and about the development process.

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Caveman Madness version 0.001c:


Sorry for the late update.
This update is the biggest update yet and features an inventory system and a chat. I try to develop as much as I can but in the past few months I've been busy with school.
The game got a whole art change so all the textures are different from the other versions. I'm sure that this is my final art style and that I won't change the player model again.

So let's start talking about the update!

I mostly developed the code in this update, so there's going to be a lot of changes and features for the code.

These are most of the things I've done:

Normal stuff:
- The collision system is rewritten and works now
- Player parts are no longer attached to a base object
- Testing tiles are no longer attached to a base object
- Optimised code

- Updated movement controls

- Added new global “Input” class so that we don’t need to search for input in each class
- Added text (if you press F11 in Dev mode) so I can access some variables
- Added collision variables for up, down, left, right collision
- Added ability to switch to fullscreen
- Added compatibility with different resolutions
- Added new class to easily toggle the scale of the game (for testing && Dev mode only)
- Added new movement for falling and jumping
- Added a functional mouse
- Added a collision box for the mouse
- Added a function to hide the background
- Added a working stamina and health bar
- Added functional item slots with an active item slot texture
- Added functional scroll feature for selecting item/inventory/armor slots
- Added more keys for selecting the item slots (1,2,3,…)
- Added player acceleration while falling and jumping
- Added vertical speed limit so that the player doesn’t fall through tiles
- Added debug switch (Dev mode only)
- Added debug text switch (Dev mode only)
- Added gravity switch (Dev mode only)
- Added a working inventory (drag items, pickup items,…)
- Added a working armor equipment system
- Added a tile plane generator (tests for future random generation)
- Added a tile pyramid generator (tests for future random generation)
- Added item gravity
- Added item information text when you're hovering over an item
- Added working chat
- Added chat colors
- Added chat commands

- Changed player jump height and jumping system
- Changed player speed system
- Changed tile content loading system

- Fixed little bugs
- Fixed Jump glitch with collision
- Fixed run bug while jumping
- Fixed that you can’t run when you’re falling
- Fixed that no animation plays when you press left & right at the same time
- Fixed that you stop the walking animation when colliding left/right
- Fixed items falling through the ground when dragging the game window around
- Fixed the left/right collision when you fall from the sky

I've redone all the art for the new version.
So here's what I've changed:

- Added iron armor tier IV
- Added alien armor Tier IV
- Added alien yellow/red armor Tier IV
- Added new hair texture
- Added new body texture
- Added new legs texture
- Added a font with a shadow
- Added background (test)
- Added mouse texture
- Added stamina bar
- Added health bar
- Added chat bar
- Added item slot
- Added active item slot
- Added armor equipment screen

- Changed default monogame icon to the Caveman Madness icon

I added some (test) sounds to the game:

- Added inventory opening sound
- Added item pickup sound
- Added item sound when you click an item in the inventory

Here are some pictures of the game:

- Player skin with tiles (the 1, 2, 3, 4 show that there are 4 tiles in one big block):


- Iron armor:


- Alien armor:


- Cool armor (I don't have a name yet, you can suggest a name in the comments :D):

Cool Armor

- Health, stamina and hunger bars:


- Inventory:


- Item text:


- Chat:


Here are some gifs of me playing on version 0.001c:



I hope you like this update!
Be sure to check out the game on:
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Twitter (frequent tweets!)

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