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Cateau has now been released to the public for free.

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We're happy to report that, despite some technical issues with the Steam launch, Cateau has now been released onto both the Steam Store (as you may well have guessed) and onto the Google Play Store. Both versions are available completely for free and that's not a limited-time offer. With that, we'd like to thank you, indiedb users, for your support and attention that you have shown us for these eight months, and announce that our indiedb pages will likely become inactive barring any exceptional events. Below are the links to the Steam and Android versions.

Click here to go to the Steam Store page.

Click here to go to the Google Play Store page.

That our friends, is the conclusion of this project. Again you may see the occasional update, but you're unlikely to find them here, but rather on our Facebook or web page. That's all folks!

Lemon Curd Games on Facebook.

Lemon Curd Games Official Website.


BusinessCasualSauron, Writing & PR Manager

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