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Post news RSS Castle wall destruction with a catapult

I can finally share some mechanics related to Siege. In this particular video you can see how you can use catapult to destroy castle walls. Tower walls destruction is in progress. Besides the catapult you will have trebuchet, siege tower, ram and small ballista.

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To use the catapult just come close to the interaction point and press E button. You can use the movement keys to rotate it around and attack button to release the mechanism and launch the stone shell. The shell when hit, can destroy the top parts of walls and towers. Some walls of the towers can be destroyed too.

The Siege game mode will allow you to choose the respawn point, you can use any siege vehicle you like to build the path to the captive flag. If the attackers will be able to capture it during the match time - they win, otherwise the victory goes to the defenders.

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