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Our video game has evolved over the last year and a half. We are laying out, what changed during that time of development.

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Our team, White Raven Games started the production of its first game “Case 32” in November of 2014. Almost one and a half year has passed and we have come a long way since the beginning of production.

The initial idea was fairly simple, but it evolved into something that grew inside of us and became ours in time, for each member in a different way. We began by working on a first draft for the script while simultaneously creating the 3D models. As it turns out this particular way of working was not the best approach at the time as we had nothing solid to work on.

The psychiatric clinic’s space has been modified at least three times since the beginning of the game’s production, in order to accommodate better roaming for the player. We also wanted to get the right atmosphere for the clinic by making it both dark and “alive”.

The initial vision we had for the external grounds of the clinic was very limited as we were only going to include a small trail that led to the gates of the clinic. We have now decided to replace the trail with a small forest instead. This was essential for immersing the player in the world of “Case 32” before placing him inside the clinic.

Because we have been inspired by the Greek island Corfu and its history, the psychiatric clinic is a part of the game that we decided to change significantly since the beginning of the development. We arrived at the conclusion that it is very dysfunctional to be limited by something that already exists and decided to create our own version of a world that we would like to see. You may have noticed that the setting of the game is very dark and the atmosphere unnerving. It’s a place where no one would want to be alone.

We look down on cheap horror tricks such as loud noises and jump scares and that is why we don’t feel the need to use these kind of techniques. We want the experience to be tense and unsettling. We want the player to be afraid when opening a door, not necessarily of something specific that’s on the other side but because there could be something that no one would ever want to face. We rely heavily on the atmosphere of the game and that is why we try to include elements that make even us, the developers, uncomfortable.

We started creating the game because we wanted to make something for the world to see and because we wanted to learn how to work as a team on such a large project. While developing the game we have grown and matured over the past one and a half year. As we keep working and learning from this experience we anticipate that the end product will be even better than it is today.

All of the departments have advanced and generally each person and their work has evolved as well. For instance, if you compare our first production models with the more recent ones you will realize that the difference in efficiency and realistic outcomes is remarkable. No one is working under their abilities. In contrast, everyone is working their hardest and that’s what keeps us focused on finishing the game.


Each member of White Raven Games is able to express themselves freely when it comes to the creative process of “Case 32” (of course always keeping in mind the script and story of the game). This allows everyone to use their unique style in their work and subsequently in the game. One of our goals is to create a game in which we can share our personal experiences and fears with the players.

White Raven Games will always be independent of publishers as we do not want to limit our creative freedom. We want to project and create our own ideas without being restricted by companies for their commercial gains.

We have a personal vested interest in “Case 32” as we have worked diligently to create it. Our goal is for you to enjoy the game and we would also appreciate your feedback even if it is negative. Remember that each and every one us is making this game a reality day by day. We all live to see Telemachus find the truth about his father.

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