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The long awaited update to version 0.20 of Cars Incorporated has been released and lets you see how your car performs against the competition in simulated races amongst many other changed and improvements.

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The business simulation game Cars Incorporated has received the long awaited update to version 0.20 on friday, October 19th. Here is a list of changes:

New Features

Speed isn't everyting. Or is it? When you come to the conclusion that you have once again built the fastest car ever you can now put that to the test by piting in against your competitors in the new frequent races. While your early supercar might take home the prices at first, slower cars with better handling might give you a run for your money later on.
Prestige and large sums of money are to be won but don't let those admission fees kill your budget...
You can also look forward to the planed extensions of this feature in the next couple of game updates

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that you had to built up manufactoring plants in every region in Cars Incorporated in order to sell cars there? The new shipping tool lets you send your goods to other regions. For sale with no factory nearby.
But keep your eye on your stock. People wouldn't be happy if you can't deliver their cars because you shipped them to some other place...

A question players of Cars Incorporated have asked themselves frequently was just how much a car actually costs to make. And how much they are profiting from their sales with their prices. Thanks to the new information icons this data is directly available to you now.
And so you don't need to calculate so much your storage also shows you mixed prices for all your parts now. Displays for the image of your cars and their production quality have also been added.

Speaking of image. To be successful with your cars you have to do more than build great vehicles. Even the best car in the world won't sell if nobody knows about it.
Winning races and word of mouth will get you to a certain point. But what if you need to build up faster? In that case investing some money into advertising might be a good idea. If you have the spare money that is.

Additional functions

  • You can now set production quality for your factory lines, influencing the quality-image of your cars, production amount and costs
  • A warning light in the factory lines will alert you if a car you want to produce is missing some parts
  • A new button for automatically selecting a part for your factory line will chose a car or part that you need in the region and that you're not producing
  • Multiline tool tips are now possible as well as a grouped style in the tool tips
  • Ending the game through the game's menu will now trigger a security query

Other changes

  • The amount produced by higher factory levels has been reduced to avoid extreme jumps in payroll costs
  • The amount produced by a factory line is no longer linked to the weight of the part, so that lines on the same level and with the same amount of workers will always produce the same amount of parts
  • The suggested price when adding a car to your sales line up has been improved
  • The production costs displayed in factory lines now includes prorated worker wages
  • The reflection texture for cars has been improved to look more plastic
  • The tool tip display has been speed up
  • The old tutorial has been deactivated - it will probably be replaced with a new version soon
  • The game can now display several interface layers above each other to display dialogs amongst other things
  • The screen refresh rate has been limited to 120 fps

Fixed errors

  • The game crash that would always happen due to missing images after the computer awakes from standby or changes it's desktop resolution has been fixed
  • The reconstruction time of factories can no longer be avoided by saving and loading the game again
  • A rare crash that could happen when a tool tip was created at the border of the game screen has been fixed
  • Costs for producing prototypes are now included correctly in the financial overview
  • Costs for building or reconstructing factories are now included correctly in the financial overview
  • Drop-down-lists can no longer be partially outside the screen
  • There are no more mini views of your car when you leave the body editor
  • An error in the text declaring the player bankrupt when he was the last players has been fixed

You can download and play the latest version here or on the game's homepage. Have fun :-)

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