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The Up and Coming Indie Game Known As Carnage Lair

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Carnage Lair

Carnage Lair is the modern take of an old fashioned arcade style run and gun. In it's early stages it was seen only as a way to kill some spare time for the developer, but now; with its popularity growing it has evolved into a strong, independent, and timeless game.

About The Developer

Carnage Lair was created by a one man developer team; Gensart. Gensart is ran and operated by a young man known as Nick Harris. Nick has always had a fascination with fighting games such as Mortal Combat, but his ego has never left those arenas. So when a friend approached him about moving forward with what was known as NASR at the time; he thought it was a waste of energy and time. However, after that friend began to build a large player base Nick was forced to realize the potential of not only the game, but of himself.


Carnage Lair is described perfectly by its name; it is full of carnage and inescapable carnage at that. As the player you are forced to travel through a never ending amount of levels while killing enemies that some people have labeled "Shadows". Beginning with only a Combat Pistol you must pray that lady luck is on your side and that one of the Shadows will drop a weapon or boost upon death. Every so often the player has no choice, but to face a stage full of despair; the infamous boss level. Currently with only two types of boss stages you must face what appears to be some type of creature straight out of an old Science Fiction film about computer Viruses; Glitch. While facing Glitch you are hassled by his Shadow Minions who can be summoned by the raising of his static arms. When you are lucky enough not to encounter Glitch; you will have no choice, but to survive hordes and hordes of Shadows while being surrounded by barb wire and acid pools.


With the support of open files the player is capable of customizing not only their helmet, but their own personal jetpack. Inside of the game the player is capable of changing their outfit color and name "name is multiplayer only".


Carnage currently supports multiple online "LAN only ATM" game modes where Survivors are forced to attempt to outlast each other at all costs.

Check Out Carnage And Don't Forget To Track Our Progress

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