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The first beta test version of the game is now availabe!

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Ready to download!

The first open beta version of the game is here and availabe to download!


I've been working on this game in my little free time for almost a year now, and I'm glad to upload this first buggy test version. The game almost have every feature that the final version will except the League mode, where you'll be able to test your cars against the best generated vehicles. Hopefully this summer I'll have enough time to be able to finish the League mode before september, and publish the game on mobile platforms too.

Also now at the end of every race you can check a summary about the race and the final positions:Summary screen

  • Changelog:
    -There are 2 race modes: auto, and manual race
    -Evolution points, and Fuel are now saved properly
    -You can get Evolution points and Fuel by being in the top 5 in a race
    -Creating new cars now costs Evolution points (5 evolution points/3 new car)
    -Racing and testing new cars costs Fuel (5 fuel/race or 1 fuel/test race)
    -Settings menu
    -Turning sound on and off in the settings menu
    -Reseting the game in the settings menu
    -Interactive summary screen at the end of every race

Please keep in mind, this version of the game still does not contain the league mode which will be the "campaign" of this game.

CaRevolution Beta v0.1.0 - Windows

Also you'll need Java on your pc to be able to run this.
This version has been released solely on the purpose of testing the base game mechanics.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated except in special cases when it is not!

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