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Incoming message from Starfleet Intelligence incoming, marked Captain's Eyes Only.

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Incoming Transmission...

Please Stand By...

Message From Starfleet Intelligence Recieved...


From: Director, Starfleet Intelligence

Captain, our listening stations have picked up increased chatter from within the Cardassian Union. With help from a specialized team on Starbase 24, we've managed to decode the first of these messages. As senior captain of our forces near the Cardassian border, this message directly affects you. The following message has been decoded...


Authorization Code ADL-4-0 Confirmed...

Message from Gul Dukat...

My fellow Cardassians, today marks a grand day for our fleet. The new Galor-class vessels have finished construction and are undergoing testing in the Omekla system. All reports show that these vessels will push our grand fleet forward as a force to be reckoned with! These new ships will replace the older Vatan and Kornat heavy cruisers as our main attack ship! I hope you look forward to seeing them in action...

Gul Dukat out...



As you can see, Captain, this seems to be mostly propaganda from this "Gul Dukat" figure. As far as we can tell, he is a lower-ranked Gul in the Cardassian military best known for his flamboyant and exaggerated speeches, as well as frequent delusions of grandeur. However, the revelation of this new type of ship is somewhat concerning. Being that the Cardassians are still some ways behind us technologically, some in Starfleet Command are saying it is no reason to be concerned. However, with growing tensions along the border, we must be ready for any eventuality. Our first Nebula and Galaxy-class ships are going to begin testing soon, and they will far outclass anything the Cardassians can muster for the next hundred years, but until then, you are the most heavily armed ship along the border. Don't be shy about showing the flag, Captain. We need to keep these backward Cardassians in check if we're going to protect our people. Good luck, Captain. Keep your eye on the border.

Director, Starfleet Intelligence


Keep them spoon heads at bay Cap'n

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looking forward to blowing those ships up!

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Gul Dukat?

Never heard of her.

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