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Progress. Arr! New team members onboard for the free and open source project! 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'

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I'm excited.
Our game is making great progress and this is because of new programmers who joined us on github.
I can relax now and focus on the graphics and gameplay elements.

General updates:

  1. The game is now persistent for each game session (game can be saved so to speak).
  2. You can go back to jump 'n run levels and collect items that you've missed before.
  3. Improved the structure of the whole project to make it more manageable.
  4. Levels have been expanded and filled with items and critters .
  5. The score system has been reworked to be more logical and rewarding.

World updates:

  1. Implemented a simple system to randomly generate variations of decoration (varied flowers, all sorts of critters, mushrooms in caves etc.)
    Screenshot 2016 06 18 01 23 03
  2. Funny snowballs in the mountain level :) Working title: "Waloombs"
  3. In the ship scene enemies now drop candy that you can collect
  4. Sped up ship in ship scene
  5. Experimenting with bone animations for critters

What's next:

  1. Ship: When you are hit by stuff, make it tumble and harder to control :)
  2. Thinking about concept to add a "codex" with items, characters and world lore.
  3. Loads of graphics work and level building work :D

If you want to ALPHA Test the game or want to join the team, head over to github...
Installed Godot Engine is required to import the project, there are no binaries yet:

Thanks for reading and see you soon ;)

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