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Our first download has been uploaded under the "Addons" tab. It is only a very beginning basic map but serves as a proof of concept. This article is to describe the story behind the Capitol and the lore that surrounds the Capitol. More lore and descriptions will be available in the future.

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The Capitol map is the beginning of the Capitol of the human race. Nestled in a large valley between great and giant mountains, this is an easy spot to defend and has great walls that make it nearly impossible to reach the seat of the human government. A small village outside the inner walls provides more wealthier peasants protection from any attack and creates an income for the castle. The inner walls feature great ramparts that can be used to defend the seat of government and the people inside. Two layers of great walls are used to stop any possible attack. The powerful and heavily armed and armoured Royal Guard is garrisoned. This is also where the elite and unstoppable Imperial Guard is stationed to protect the Emperor. The garrison is divided into 4 different sections. The outer guard which is tasked with defending the first gate and the village but can be ordered to full back if necessary, these men are young recruits who aren't expected to last long but can be used to help defend. They are often taken to bolster armies rather than be a standing defense force. The second section is the first inner wall guard. They are tasked with either halting or holding the enemy off as long as possible. A company of 200 men form this small force. The second section is men who have combat experience and have been tested and tried. They are a standing defense force however, companies from their ranks are often used to bolster the vanguard of campaigning armies. They are to die defending the wall and inner city. A battalion of 800 men form this section. The third section is tasked with defending the final wall and are to die and never retreat or falter. They're to kill as many enemy as possible and never give an inch, the third section is elite and is known for they're combat ability, not as elite as the final section, but more elite than other soldiers. They are a standing defense force that is rarely ever used for armies and on that rare occasion, only 2 platoons are taken to form the general's bodyguard. A battalion of 500 men form this section. The final section, the last line of defense in the event all else fails, is the Royal Guard and Imperial Guard. The only men of this guard that ever leave the castle are the Imperial Guard but only to guard the Emperor as he travels or commands armies. The Royal Guard is larger than the Imperial Guard with a company of 100 men. The Imperial Guard only has two platoons of 80 men. The Capitol is heavily defended with neighboring garrisons and armies to be called on to assist in defense. While two battalions is a large force to have garrisoned in a single place, public order and food is of no issue. This exhibits the great wealth of the human race and shows how hard it is to break their will.

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