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The Benchmark Demo tests are opened now. In a short time we'll be able to make it reach to everyone. Right now, we're focused on testing and analyzing the servers behavior , to make sure that all the online features that we're planning for the demo will work pretty well.

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So yeah! We’ve got to our very first month of game testing before we officially release a playable demo of Canis Lupus for anyone. After a huge break far away from the internet, we’ve put our main focus on the game itself, finishing what was left to do and polishing the visual to enhance the overall experience of the player, specially regarding performance and smooth gameplay.

Today it’s our first day testing our new benchmark demo with its primary focus on lobby/server testing, to verify its resistance and latency during long playthroughs with different kinds of machines setups. In this new closed performance demo we will be analyzing some of the online features that we want to include already in the demo and are putting in test since now to make sure it will work when we provide a playable preview for the public really soon.

Some of these online tools are all related to one single and primary feature, that is the lobby creator. We are testing if the host of the lobby can invite new players and friends to play, if the no. of players are being displayed in the screen accordingly to the amount of people on that lobby; we’re analyzing if two play rooms with the same lobby name won’t be permitted, as we are planning; and we are also trying to put as many people as we can to play at the same time before the servers congest, to see how many active players we’re supporting at the moment with our actual conditions.

This test will help us improve the game quality in a huge number of ways. Since the servers capability and stability, the gameplay experience, the controllers, the performance of the game (in high-end and low-end computers) and much more. We ask for your patience and thank you for your comprehension. It’s very important for us to make sure that nothing will go wrong, and we as a serious team must think about all possibilities.

We will be giving you guys more updates about the benchmark testing results and the next procedures before releasing a final build of the demo in Game Jolt and Indie DB platforms.



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