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I described the first steps in creating my game and shared my experiences. I hope for your feedback.

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Hello everyone, I'm going to start blogging about my game and I hope at least someone will read it, and maybe no one will be interested in it, but it's still a great experience for me.My English is not perfect, it is not my primary language.I do everything almost alone. I write code, draw, write a story, search for music and do game design for the game. The only one who helps me is my girlfriend, she draws and helps me in drawing.

At first, the game was conceived as a remake of the browser Candy Box, but after that I decided that I would just be inspired by the game, and not completely copy it, since I think that the charm of the browser game will not work as a full game.After I decided to make a full game, I realized that I needed to redo everything. The graphics should be sprite in pixel art style. There are too many graphics, which means I had to draw too, and I wasn't very good at it, but I started learning.After that, I wrote a small plot and together with it came up with the world in which my game takes place. As a game engine, I chose Unity because it is as accessible as possible and there was c# that I knew.The mechanics of the browser game were redesigned and coded. As a result, I redid the mechanics and wrote them for unity. Now it remains to add graphics, music and complement the plot to the game. But this is a huge job, so I decided to write a blog to reflect on the work that has already been done.

What has already been done:

1. The mechanics of dialogues;


3. Quest mechanics;

4. Potion mechanics;

5. The basis of the plot is written;

6. A number of basic mechanics;

7. Music was found as the main motive of the game

The work is going on and I want to make a game that I can be proud of. I make graphs, but I haven't drawn before, so I'll leave a knight drawing here. If someone has read this writing, thank you for taking the time to do this, if it's not difficult for you, leave a comment.

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