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Candlelight will be released on Steam and PS4 later this month. Here is an updated and a new gameplay trailer. Enjoy!

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After 3 years of hard work the release of Candlelight is finally happening on Steam and PS4.

A world cast into darkness… but there is hope. A lone candle must journey through a dangerous land to bring light back to the world. After a mysterious entity extinguishes all the candles in the land, a lone surviving candle sets out on a most important adventure to bring light back to the land.

Get ready for an adventure that takes the lone candle through many unique and dangerous lands. Visit lost tropical islands, desolate deserts, lava filled volcanoes, vast oceans, dark forests, puzzling castles, and more. Jump, shoot, push, and burn your way through the quest of a lifetime.

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As a side note, life as an single indie developer has brought many challenges along the way. Learning to do everything (code, art, music, setting up the company, getting it on PS4, creating the website, etc) all while working a regular job and most importantly supporting my wife and 2 kids, was at times overwhelming. It is always important to keep your goal in mind and never let others tell you it can't be done. Taking it one step at a time while having a unwavering persistence was really key for me. Dreams do come true if you just keep at it.

Long live indie devs!

-Rod Moye
Pixel Maverick Games

InfiniteProductions - - 10 comments

Hi Rod,

congratulations for your achievement. As a hobbyist game dev myself, I can only understand how you've been through and keeping the focus and keep going whereas you've not been actually paid for that, and players may even not be aware at all on what it could be.

Graphics looks really nice by the way ;).

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PixelMav Author
PixelMav - - 39 comments

Many thanks for taking the time to respond. It is very much a thankless job but doing it for the love of it is what really matters. Good luck with your stuff as well.

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Well done!

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