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Post news RSS Can you survive .. A HORDE OF ANRGY CUSTOMERS?

That is what Customers From Hell is all about, survive wave after wave of angry customers that just want to speak to the manager. You, shall, not let that happen.

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Welcome to Customers From Hell. A wave-survival game where you have to protect supplies and eliminate annoying customers ("Ahem .. Karens") and upgrade your base with each wave becoming more and more challenging as Karens gets more aggressive. Protect your supplies and base, build barricades, traps, upgrades, weapons and survive for as long as possible!

The customers just heard that there is a BIG SALE going on, and guess what? The whole horde of angry Karens is coming. How will you prepare yourself against these blood thristy creatures that just want to complain and get free stuff? Sweetness? Nop. They will not understand.

MAYHEM. So come and get your PAYBACK TIME - BUILD, PROTECT AND DESTROY. Survive the incoming waves of zombie-like and annoying customers!


  • Tons of unique weapons including rifles, snipers and more.
  • Different types of customers including karens and old grumpy thieves!
  • Wave-survival endless game that becomes harder on each wave.
  • Chaos and destruction with grenades and more!
  • Build traps and barricades.
  • Build barriers and other stuff between waves.
  • UNLEASH your anger with these type of 'customers'.
  • Unlock-able new areas which you can move too.
  • Many upgrades to buy such as ramps, barriers, garage doors, player upgrades and more.
  • TONS of fun and other cool stuff! (Unless you are a karen)
  • Funny and comedic low poly style game-play.
  • Third person wave-survival shooter game.

Customers from hell is now available on steam below and you can get yours and support the inexpedient developer of this game! Please also submit your feedbacks and suggestions and I am interested in updating the game to make it more enjoyable!

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