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Game Artist Process: Day Background/Environment studies.

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Game Artist Process

First, our Game artist made sketches digitally with vectors, and then proceeded to a study of colors 
and objects in the scene to be consistent with the theme of our game, Background / Environment by day. 
This process was a little difficult. Things were not going well and therefore many doubts arose, 
for example in terms of coherence between backgrounds and objects, on which the player can interact. 
And also in relation to the color palette.Is it coherent with each other and does all of this together make
sense in graphic terms? We did our best to reflect on these issues. There were also other issues in particular
that could change until the gameplay of the game, which was:
1. Problem: will have "conflicts of backgrounds" with our character.
Solution: For a better identification of state we have to changes it. To be a clearer day background.
2. Problem: we lose an element of the game if we do not have such identification of changes in 
the Background, which represents the change in: Unstable form (change of mental state) of our character.
 Solution: we have to have a black scene at the back of the day too. Because the two backgrounds,
day and night will be similar, there will be no "background conflicts" with our character.

In the end we chose 1

The day Background/Environment studies


Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

1Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

Environment 1 ColorTest 5
Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

Written by the Game designer, Marina Marques

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