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Game Artist Process: Main Character Studies

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Game Artist Process

Due to the theme of our game: Schizophrenia, we thought that an old man would be an appropriate way to explain the disease. Thinking about the theme and our target audience, our artist has sketches drawing of an old man for the main character of our game.

Our game artist drew the old man type. Usually described: as bald, with a beard or goatee, small, with a cane, a hat, looking stubborn or sad. Which are the examples: 1., 2., 3., and 4.
Later on, after a lot of feedback, we change our main character design focus of the old man to a more young adult type. With the two "forms" we have in-game. The Normal form (white) and the Unstable form (dark). Which is the example: 5.



Examples: 1. and 2.
Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)


Example: 3.
Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

Personagem 1 1

Example: 4. (Color studies)
Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)


Example: 5.
Reference: Game Artist, Tiago Casado (Studio Akemi)

Written by the Game designer, Marina Marques

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