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brief background and story from the Cambions game world.

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For as long as you have known life, your mother has always been there. Strong, but always seeming distant emotionally.
You live alone with your mother, just outside a small fishing village. Life has always been difficult, as having no father meant the villagers never really accepted you or your mother. Nobody was really nasty, but you have heard the hushed whispers and accusations.
Recently however, things had started to change. The snide comments were still whispers behind covered hands and closed doors, but now they seemed to cut into your very soul. "Bastard child of a witch", their whispers screamed at you. "Demonic", "Evil", but the one that stuck in your head and seemed to echo around it was "Cambion".
Running home, you feel the tears welling in your eyes. Your heart suddenly begins to pound louder and louder, almost deafening, blotting out the whispers and replacing them with torrents of emotion. Fear, anger, and hate overcome you just as you fall into your mother's arms.
"Hush my child, all will be better soon. You know it's a big day for you tomorrow, as it's your fourteenth birthday. But now we need to take a little trip."
Walking for hours through places you no longer recognise, and constantly hurried along by your mother, she suddenly stops. "Wait child, let's sit and rest for a while. Here's a special treat just for you", as she places a large piece of cake in your hands.
A while later, with your belly full, and relaxed in the tall grass, the trials of the day seem so far away as you start to drift off to sleep. "That's right my child, sleep now. Please remember that I will always love you, and that I am sorry". Panic suddenly hits you, and you try to pull yourself back awake. Your body however seems somehow heavy, and your mind cloudy, as you fall quickly into a drugged slumber.

And this is were our adventure starts. A child alone, abandoned by your mother. Unsure of who or "what" you are.

Cambions is a survival RPG, based around a random generated tropical map. You start as a fourteen year old child, who is just starting to discover who they are. Do you embrace your Demonic heritage, or fight to to keep your humanity. Will you grow old teaching your child right from wrong, try to stay immortal by feeding on the souls of other Cambions, or will your soul become the sustenance for another power hungry Demon.

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