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Burnstar is up and running on Steam Greenlight!

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We want to take a minute and talk to everyone about Burnstar and Steam Greenlight, what it potentially means for Burnstar and why voting on there is important in the first place.

First and foremost, getting Burnstar Greenlit gives us access to one of the best central gaming hubs around. Steam is a huge deal for any indie game to be on. Steam makes it so easy for fans, no matter the operating system, to be able to access the game. There are so many amazing indie titles that have been Greenlit that are now available on Steam and my hope is that Burnstar is able
to share the stage with them soon.

We want to make sure to mention why the Greenlight process itself is so important and enlightening to developers like us. When you have something on Greenlight, you get access to one of the most important parts of the puzzle -- getting impressions of the game. Learning what players think about what you have been working on and seeing their response is invaluable. You really see right away if you are, or have been working on, something that people view as unique and different. That alone is something extremely important as a developer.

Another big thing that the Greenlight process gives us is a great communication outlet. It is very easy to update with an announcement and let all of our followers on Greenlight know of a big change, or great addition that we have recently made to the game. We've had some great suggestions and ideas for Burnstar sent to us in the comments. A few comments asked about Steam Workshop integration, which is something we'd love to add, and if we were to be Greenlit it just makes doing that so much easier. With the ability to make your own levels using the built-in editor, the same editor we used to make every level in the game, we know that Workshop integration would be a great addition for the creators and community.

So if you can, take a second, jump on Greenlight and give us a Yes Vote so that we can get Burnstar to you through Steam: Burnstar on Greenlight

We have also recently uploaded an updated video showing off some improvements to Burnstar art-wise, be sure to check it out below:

Burnstar Forest Art Video Update - Indie DB

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