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This is the full description of my game Buried State, if it piques your interest please follow our Twitter

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Buried State is a FPS and 4X RTS hybrid that combines the exploration and expansion mechanics of strategy games with the intense combat of first person shooters. Set at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, Buried State tasks you with leading a newborn empire from the brink of collapse to a world superpower. Rebuild and reshape the world the way you choose. Pick between the dominant ideologies and religions of the old world, or adopt new ones. Engage in tactical warfare and first person combat with other nations. Recruit and train experts to regain the knowledge of the old world.

Main Features

------------Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate------------

You begin the game with just one city, and a small population. As you progress you will unlock increasingly powerful buildings that will allow your empire and your population to grow. Raise a new army and take land from the undead, or occupy and siege territory from other empires.

------------Advance Your Character------------

As your empire grows, so will your character. Level up skills like shooting, logistics, and agility, and choose which weapons to specialize in. Each skill gives bonuses to different aspects of your character.

------------Reshape the World------------

Choose how to lead your nation through the apocalypse, picking between old and new religions and governments. Will you lead a Democratic, Secular nation of the old world, or will you worship the undead? Each build has its own unique mechanics, and advantages and disadvantages.(edited)

------------Recruit and Rebuild------------

Gather the remnants of the old world and put together a powerful empire. Recover specialists in technologies to gain access to modern buildings and weapons, and bonuses to your empire. Recruit soldiers for your military, and lead them in the defence of your nation or the invasions of others.

------------Engage in First Person Combat------------

Unlike in typical real time strategy games, you no longer have to rely on randomly generated numbers to decide the result of a battle. Lead your armies in first person combat against both the undead and hostile empires. Defend your cities, siege other cities, or engage in skirmishes with other armies on open terrain. Choose which weapons to specialize in, including sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and many more.

Zoomed out view of world map where most of the strategy aspects of the game play outProcedural Terrain

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