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Last few weeks I spend on Bulletorium polish, and now, when game is ready for release, I want to share with you some gameplay mechanics, screenshots and trailer.

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Bulletorium is a dynamic and fast top-down shooter with a lot of shootouts, base capture and management, AI controlling and various upgrades and boss fights.


In general, Bulletorium is top-down bullethell action game with bases capture and a lot of shootouts.

Bulletorium shootouts

Tactic mode

Tactic mode can be used for building structures (drones spawners or turrets) and for management AI actions. It's very simple: every drone spawner has attack direction (one of enemy bases) and player can change this direction in few clicks to manage drones army actions

Setting drones attack destinations

Building structures

There are 4 drone types you can build:

  • Simple fighter - low damage and speed, basic unit
  • Sniper drone - high damage and attack distance. Perfect against structures and any single unit
  • Rocket drone - sending deadly rockets with AOE damage
  • Machine gun drone - high fire rate for killing waves of enemy forces

Drones in Bulletorium

Bulletorium consist of 20 missions, divided by 3 types:

  • Base capture - you need to capture all enemy bases to win mission
  • Boss fight
  • Defence - defend one friendly base from army of enemies while timer is going on

Bulletorium boss fight

Upgrade tree

Player has access to upgrade tree, which allows player to upgrade drones, structures (turrets, drones spawners), bases and main player ship (controlled by player directly)

Upgrade tree

I just finished polish of my game and happy to say that Bulletorium will be released in August on Steam. As for now, you can check my gameplay trailer

Also, you can visit Bulletorium Steam page

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