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We're back with our first weekly update as we start to build speed. The past week has been a busy one for our team, with much time spent on personal matters and getting a solid framework in place for our artists and level designers - but that's not to say we can't share some more concepts and thoughts with you!

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Right now we are focusing our efforts on getting proper pipelines up for level editing, animations, weapon system and props. This is programmer-intensive work and so the rest of the team have continued nailing down style and conventions for the project. We are going for "heroic-scale" proportions and saturated, hand-painted semi-realism for textures and buildings.

This week has also seen extensive work and discussion to try to nail down control schemes, feature-lists, camera heights and angles, FOV's and level concepts. Making a game is a complicated thing and we'd like to stress again that we are attempting to tie this game together in just eight weeks - a very short development cycle to be sure! That means we have to prioritize and check our course regularly: Are we on the right track? Do we have to cut anything? Have we got dismemberment and ragdoll in yet?

(The answer is yes, on all accounts!)

Personally, I have been busy building level prototypes. I'd like to show you - but I'd be in breach of so many NDA's I'd have to off myself. Be patient, compadres. The revolucion will come.

Have a nice weekend,
//Adrian and the Barely Buoyant team

PS, I don't really speak spanish. Don't kill me.

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