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I've just reworked the complete logic for building mode on an asteroid. Why this was done and how it works now is described in more detail here.

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Hi Spacers!

The Building mode in the game was still some artifact of older days where the system did a complete recalculation of building positions, join intersections and automatically connect tunnels to adjacent modules.
This was a bit unflexible and it also was a bit slow in my opinion - so uneffectiv and not very good in terms of playability.

So, I reworked the whole system, because I want to be able to choose a joint of a module where the new module should be connected to, which looks like this:

Another reason why this was necessary was the fact, that there are now buildings which cannot be placed freely but need to be connected to a distinct module. Like the ore drill needs to be connected directly to an ore silo. This sounds obvious because there is not much room for traversing and it would be not very funny to carry ore trough small tunnels. So the drills now get the ore and it goes directly to the silo connected.

Also there are now modules which are not suited for trasversing trough. They are some sort of dead end where you cannot transit to another module. The Ore Drill is such a module and also the hangar access will be such a module. To make that happen the auto-connecting join mechanism was hindering that, so it was removed.

How this works now: The user enters building mode and select the desired building. When doing that, the system shows you all possible joints where you can place this module; be it on the roof or on the side of another module. Hovering the joint shows you the position of the building when using this joint and clicking starts the actual building process. That will need some time and in the future also will take up a bit of your resources and credits.

Hopefully you like the new build mode, it is just another step towards to a playable alpha version :-)

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